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Welcome... back.

The re-launch of my website has pulled a considerable amount of projects back to the forefront.  The new site is pared down to my favorite and newest work for now.  My actual studio is going through a similar paring down; it's amazing how drawings and sketchbooks can accumulate.  By focusing on my favorite work, and the ones that mean the most to me, I've realized where I want to put my energy now, and it's all the more personal stuff- the cartoons, the zines, and the boldest designs.

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Fin is going strong with a new adventure comic, and this time he's got some unwanted help.  There is a new story to go along with all the one-panel cartoons. Several are written, but I'm just drawing the third one now.  It's all new to me, telling stories like that, but I'm really enjoying it and hope to learn a lot through the process.

Meanwhile, there is a new limited edition FIN panel that will be available June 1st, and here is a Fin munny (figure from Kid Robot) I recently made. He's kind of awesome for a first try, right?​ 

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