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Welcome! Jaye Frisina is an artist and writer in upstate New York.



Iconic designs,

hand-painted yoga bunnies, and the

FIN Ninja Cartoon.


Zines, poems, short stories (very short stories!), and some illustrated musings.



Note Cards, Prints, Originals, and Zines are in the Etsy online store.

There are also shirts, mugs, stickers, and painted bunnies!



When I was little, I would skip school to go to the library, and then go home and draw on the walls. My parents were okay with only one of those things! I've had a long love affair with ink in all its forms, and often combine words with drawings.


Using ink with acrylic paint is how I create bold designs and cartoons. Lately I have also been experimenting with 24k gold leaf on ink and watercolor to bring a little bling to my work.


My home studio is in the capitol region of New York, where I spend an unusual amount of time studying the moon and watching my cat clean her toes.


My writing is mostly microfiction (extremely short stories), and articles about art for my zine (a pocket-size indie magazine).

The Seasonal Newsletter contains show dates, new work, and sneak previews of upcoming projects. It gets sent out four times per year.




The above were all done on a drawing tablet with an app called ProCreate. I love making the same deep dramatic shadows that are in my ink drawings, but I can use them in my zines and get them out into the world with such ease.  


These are two very different gold leaf pieces. The astronaut is small (5x7), using acrylics over watercolor. The stag is large (18x18), with acrylics on illustration paper. The astronaut is in the Etsy shop, and the stag joins me at shows.


The FIN Ninja cartoon began in 2008 and has grown into a small series of one-panel limited edition prints

(only thirteen of each cartoon are made), and a selection of playful holiday note cards.

Someday I will gather them all in a collection, but for now you can find FIN stuff in my Etsy shop, or FIN tee-shirts on Design By Humans.


There are many different hand-painted yoga bunnies available at Merriman & Pfister Marketplace in Delmar, NY. Find this awesome shop located in Four Corners behind the laundromat and Perfect Blend (entry is in back, off the parking lot).


This is what I do with ink and acrylics. Prints of them are available in the Etsy shop. When I am specifically inspired by something, it's less about telling a story or setting a scene for a cartoon, and more about creating a striking standalone image.


The Love Letters series is a unique collection of letters and miniature drawings made by layering ink, watercolors, acrylics, and more watercolors. They are the same size as a traditional baseball card, and one-of-a-kind. I make these between big projects or to pass through creative blocks. Find them in the Etsy shop. They are weird, but I can't resist loving them.




At the moment, most of my writing is blended with drawings, like the above illustrated thoughts, poems, and cartoons. The rest of it, the stories, can currently be found in my zines. The next step is for a new tiny story each month to be posted on my Instagram and right here. Most likely on the 13th!


Find Zines in the Etsy Shop.  Follow me on Instagram @ThirteenthStoryArt.



The Thirteenth Story online shop is at Even though the shop is hosted by Etsy, you are still buying directly from me, and all items are made by me in my studio. This is your best anytime-source for note cards, zines, prints, and originals.

Shop for Note Cards, Zines, Prints, and Originals


The other online shop is at Design By Humans, and has printed tee shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, cups, and a couple phone cases. I have bought stuff from them, and can vouch for the softness and durability of their clothes. If you see me at a show, it's likely I will be wearing one, too! 

Shop Apparel, Phone Cases, and Mugs at Design By Humans

One-of-a-kind hand-painted items can be found at Merriman & Pfister's Marketplace at 388 Kenwood Ave in Delmar, NY (at Four Corners behind the laundromat). Currently there is a selection of yoga bunnies there. Enjoy, this shop is really cool!

Visit Merriman & Pfister's Marketplace for originals

If you are local to the capitol region of New York, and prefer to shop in person, I can often be found at Farmers Markets in Albany and Delmar; various Street Fairs, and any show with the Bethlehem Art Association, of which I am a member. For dates and locations of these shows the best way to find about them is to sign up for the Seasonal Newsletter or follow me on Instagram @ThirteenthStoryArt.

Follow on Instagram for upcoming shows

Lastly, there is a growing selection of stickers (yay!) found here:

Thirteenth Story Sticker Shop

Thank you for stopping by, you are welcome back any time. -Jaye

Contact Jaye

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